The British Constitution. It needed writing and luckily for all I wasn't the one to do it but designing the cover was a pleasure.

Weekly Cartoon in the Sunday Times Style magazine. Running for just under a year. 

 Illustrated business book. Published internationally.

All promotional material for the film Tortoise in Love. This included the 30ft poster that premiered along with the film at Leicester Square in London.

Wriiten and illustrated by me who vowed never to attempt a children's book.

A couple of book covers that just happened to be bird themed. No reflection on the content of at least one of them.

So many many websites, digital ads, knobs and buttons...

Artweeks Oxfordshire.

So many many Leaflets, Brochures, Pamphlets, Flyers...

...for allsorts including Ribena, Barclaycard and Imperial College.

...For allsorts including Mitsubishi, Audi, telecom companies and airlines...



TORTOISE IN LOVE (film promotion)



DREAMCHEESE (Children's book)




Ongoing 2018+